Knowledge & Learning platform for remote employees


Hexaware Global Studentcoder Challenge - Individual


UX Design, Visual Design, System Design


July 2020
2 Weeks


Adobe XD


When companies were shifting and adapting for the remote culture, Hexaware, a global Information Technology consulting company organized a student competition last year. The brief was to design a learning platform for remote employees.

At the same time, I was also intrigued by designers across the globe coming up with solutions for the hassles that came as a BOGO offer with the anointed new normal. So, I decided to give it a shot, and became the runner up. Lets jump into it.


Research Discover

Reading online research - Quora, LinkedIn

Why training is necessary?

Adherence to Overall Vision

Employee training is the right path to know the goals & values of the company

Better Collaboration

Developing a sense of bonding with their peers during a training process which inculcates the sense of better teamwork.

Better Job Role clarity

Employees will have better clarity on their job role and the expectations are cleared out at the same platform from both parties.

Overall Growth

Taking employee upskilling seriously for retaining them. Increases motivation and contribution

Phone Interview

Conversation snippets with 3 of the 12 IT professionals on my peers

Online learning methods


Training activity in which all learners are participating simultaneously - in familiar words, 'zoom call'. It has the most interactivity.


Learners access learning content, assessments, and communicate and participate in activities in their own time – or ‘self-paced’


Blended learning can take elements from both the synchronous and asynchronous models and mix them together to create a custom solution.


Service Based Companies are driven by multiple customer needs. They are challenging ones to design remote training experience because of the following;

Who can form these courses and quizzes?

What people will miss the most in remote working?

Simple action of turning to your colleague and asking
'Hey, how to do this?'
A card based form where people can ask doubts or questions and get responses

Mobile App or Website? Both

Preferred for the doubts platform, as mobile phone is easily approachable

Current design focus

Preferred for video based courses, as it gives better workaround when trying things out while learning

User Experience


Giving hand symbolizes the gestural action of lifting someone up when in need combined with the letter 'g'



Inviting an employee

This is when Arya joins her company. On the day before, she gets a mail with an app download link and a 'magic link' which signs her up automatically.

After signing up with the magic link or the details sent through the mail, she receives a personalized warm welcome, virtually into the company.



After the cliché permission prompts, Arya can read the company's T&C's, NDA's and eSign on the process. She can also fill the bank details for salary crediting, as per company's policy.

She gets a welcome video from the company's people, to add a nice personal touch. She also gets a prompt on further steps like equipment allocated to the employee, etc.


Initial Training

The initial training sessions can be added course-per-course in a weekly milestone basis, to keep in track. Arya can have an inner forum where she and her colleagues can discuss relevant course information and check out tasks.


General Learning Portal

Here, Arya can;

Take up minimum 2 courses at a time and track the progress

Take parts of the course and form a customized learning plan, and add it as a course

Have pop quizzes about relevant fields frequently


Pop Quizzes

Time after time, Arya will get a bubble at the top of the home screen containing the quiz of her relevant stream. It will impart bite sized microlearning, and keep her relevant with the updates of her stream.


Know How : Post QCards

When Arya gets a doubt, she can quickly ask her colleagues for better contextual knowledge. It is a platform where Arya can;

1. Type in a doubt inside the text field
2. Give it a category and a location
3. Post the card

The task flow is explained below;


Know How : View QCards

Arya can also go to the existing QCards archive and search for the relevant question and view the past responses, to get a better idea instead of posting a new one.


Contact Book

The people in the organization are easy to discover, by using filters. Filter with location, position or software proficiency, to get things done.


Profile & Stats

Profile section has other essentials, and a stats dashboard for employees checking their progress.

That's it for now! Thanks for going through my project 😃 Means a lot of bandwidth

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