Design for Citizen rating & rewards system


Nutanix Design Competition 2020 - Individual


Visual Design, System Design, Dashboards


March 2020
2 Weeks


Adobe XD


When things were absolutely normal, around March 2020, Nutanix announced a design competition for students and young pros. The problem statement in short was to design a citizen rating system and its interface. Being a Black Mirror fan, I was intrigued by the problem statement and I immediately registered for it.

After being one of the finalists of the competition, Nutanix Design Team sent me feedback about my design, which I reworked and implemented.



For setting up a context before diving in, I assumed a city where all citizens have an Aadhaar-like Encoria Card (eCard), which they will have linked with all necessary services like transport, health, finance, etc. And they will be given a portal to monitor all this by using their eCard details.

Existing Case Study

China's Social credit system is taken into existing ecosystem research. Findings were obtained and the respective insights are as follows;

Inference : Bring out a multi activity modal which brings out the diverse activities of a citizen

Does not encourage Sustainable living

Focused mostly on financial credit

Inference : Devise a rewards mechanism which motivates the user to contribute more to society by gamifying them

Less intuitive rewards system with boring numbers

No additional features

Rating System

The rating system formulated minimized the use of numbers and puts it in the final layer, forming a backend


Citizen Levels

Different levels of Citizens creates a gamified environment, where different categories receive perks based on their progress


Different badges for different department tasks makes use of a person's interest levels and therefore channeling it to the city's focus, which meanwhile increases the rating

System Parameters

Citizen Score

Per person contribution

Task Incentivization

Alerts on impositions

Milestones & Rewards


Colour & Typography

The color palette is kept minimal, using Blue as an accent color can make it look  conservative, orderly and traditional

Treemap coming here soon

Final Screens

Login Screen

Overview Dashboard

Scores & Leaderboard

Needs improvement

Contribute - Enroll and track activities

Utility & Alerts Section

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