Data Visualisation Projects



Ocean Oil Spill Accidents

Competition First Prize 🥇 | November 2020

This is a first prize winning entry of the competition of the conference Smart Oceans 2020, conducted by MIT Media lab and National Science Foundation, USA. This portrays the Ocean oil spill statistics and a case explanation of one of the biggest oil spills

YouTube telecast | Twitter


India's Data Boom

Academic | March 2020

A data viz dashboard of how India became a huge packet user of mobile data usage. It visualizes the amount of data consumed, with small multiples. The data consumed by each year is supplemented with type of data, type of bandwidth, etc.

Click through Prototype  


SpaceX Falcon - Vehicle Performance

Academic | February 2020

SpaceX is a private space vehicle company and Falcon is its one of their models. Let's check how Falcon has developed over versions, with respect to payload capacity, landed or exploded

You can view the data plot of the visualization here

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